Why POLARcreō Uses Squarespace


Squarespace is the content management platform that we use to build our clients’ non-ecommerce business websites.
In fact, this website is built using Squarespace.
The shortest explanation is because we trust them the most to take care of our clients well after we’ve built their website for them…
A slightly longer version is —

The Beautiful Why?

Because over the last ten years Squarespace has emerged as the smartest, safest, most reliable fully functional website CMS in the world.
Some of the world’s leading website designers have turned to Squarespace to feature or build their wares.
Plus, it’s so hard for a site built on Squarespace to not be gorgeous.
Believe me, beauty goes a long way on the web…

Want Integrations?

Squarespace integrates with just about any third-party application you can think of…
90% of those integrations are built directly into the platform.
Anyone who’s built or maintained a website knows that that’s a big deal. HUGE.
No relying on a third party app that’s prone to failure
just so your website can further integrate with the third party service that you wanted in the first place
(not to mention that half of those apps want to have their name all over your site
and access to all of your users’ information)…

Squarespace’s model of all-inclusive integrations is the cleanest, safest, and most reliable.
Plus, updates to the integrations won’t break your website, they’ll enhance it…
they’re built exclusively for Squarespace
using the same proprietary coding language
in all the same unique environments
as Squarespace itself.

Client Ease of Use

We mentioned this at the outset, but it has to be repeated…
Ease of use for you is easily our favorite reason for using Squarespace.

No other content management system makes is so easy to safely and reliably hand a professionally developed website over to a client who has very little — or zero — web experience.

Plus, we include training in every website development agreement.
Change images, update text, add a blog post, create a new portfolio gallery…
all without breaking your website or requiring a developer to “hold your hand.”


Squarespace websites have the highest rated SSL security available
at no additional charge to the client.
They are so dedicated to security that they make adding SSL and HSTS
as simple as clicking a button.

Developers know this saves tedious hours or days
spent researching, buying, validating, waiting, coding, more validating, more waiting…
Only to have to repeat the process again every year.

Not with Squarespace.
Premium security in a matter of clicks.

Unlimited, Integrated Hosting

Nearly every other CMS on the market requires users to find their own third-party hosting service.
Most business owners have no idea what this means and are handcuffed to a developer because of it.
With Squarespace, unlimited enterprise-grade hosting is a part of every plan at no extra cost.

Search Engine Optimization

Squarespace webpages are the cleanest indexing pages available in a content management system.
Their embedded SEO entry points are among the most easily accessible in the industry.
Plus, users can add SEO-related custom code in, literally, four clicks
(Yep, I just counted).

Growth Potential, Today or Next Year

With Squarespace, the potential for a website to grow is uncorked according to each brand’s unique attributes,
not some pre-selected, in-house concoction of plugins and rigid design limitations.
Blank slate, grow with whatever tools you need.
Not only that, you don’t have to start all over if you decide your website needs an overhaul, rebrand, or a change of direction.
From items as simple as email marketing to as complex as e-commerce (they’re catching up quickly).
Squarespace is just… right.

The Squarespace Circle

The Squarespace Circle is exactly what you think it is…
A clandestine club of super-agent web developers
who are masterminding the takeover of the internet
through the cunning use of website badges…

But being a member of Squarespace Circle means that POLARcreō
has built enough websites
over a long enough time,
with a high enough quality
and consistent track record
to have been selected for membership
by Squarespace.

What that means for you is that we are prepared to make sure that your website is more than just a website…
It’s an online presence that makes optimal use of all the tools that Squarespace has to offer.