Tempered Urgency — Calm in Chaos


Emergencies pass.

I don’t mean the life-threatening variety.
First responders, soldiers, and families whose loved ones’ lives are at risk see real emergencies.

I mean the manufactured emergencies…
When staplers go flying across rooms
and stress levels reach the stratosphere.
When people lose the sense of decorum or humanity that brought them together — made them a great team.

When you desperately need the people around you to perform perfectly in order to rescue themselves…
and you.

Those emergencies are usually the products of your past.
Not your present.

In the world’s most popular and successful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum, a core mental tenet is taught in every class… remain calm in the chaos; not losing is winning.

Think back on some of the emergencies that you’ve experienced in the last year or two or five…

My hypothesis is that those emergencies were either problems whose solutions were found, problems that never truly manifested because they were avoided at one of several checkpoints, or they were issues that you managed to find a way to live with.

Given these facts, and buoyed with the knowledge that every single (manufactured) emergency that will arise today will be a fading footnote in your memory bank a year from now, will you enter the next situation differently?

The panic is the problem, not the problem.