Mental Massage


Your ego...
is essential.

Beware any notion that your ego is fundamentally good or evil;
and false conflations of ego and arrogance...

Your ego is what you tell it to be.
Nothing more or less.

It's what creates the impetus or finds the path for you
to preserve the theories you hold about yourself.
Positive or negative.

Your ego is like a scientist set to work at proving whatever story you tell it to prove, without prejudice.

We hold the power to change the story we tell our egos
about ourselves,
about our skills,
about our potential,
about desires,
Therefore, we — with practice — control the fragile foundation
of an age-old theory
that is “mind over matter.”

Your ego holds value, and is among the resources you can utilize to help keep yourself in tremendous mental health.

But it is always there and
always doing something.

It is always gluttonous and
always wants to be fed...

Take care to feed it a healthy diet of the truth you want to live.

Your ego is essential.


These concepts uncorked following sessions with my medical massage therapist.

He happens to be one of the most pragmatically zen humans I know, and my time with him tends to produce some intensely enjoyable philosophical conversations — he's the only therapist I've ever enjoyed conversing with me throughout my massage.

For example, today's conversation spanned topics including the past's influence on the future, the impact of perspective, ego, and the limitless potential to train dogs across a variety of roles.

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David Allen-Lawrence