Intrinsic Value Over Relative Value


It’s easy to look at your company, then look at a competitor’s company and start drawing contrasts so that you can sell in your favor.
In fact, the odds are extraordinarily high that that’s what your competitors are all doing right back at you.

What if you didn’t have that crutch to lean on?

What if you didn’t have to have that crutch to lean on?

What if you tapped into the intrinsic value of your company?
What if you were to forget about everyone else that you spend so much energy pushing against?

Would you discover that that’s enough to carry you over the hurdle of needing to contrast your value with that of others?
Would it change the conversations you have — the connections you make — with your prospective clients?

Would it take that crutch away from your competition?

Discover what it is to just be, without pushing against the rest of your marketplace.

If you can do this, you may find that your company is exactly what you and your clients are looking for just as it is, with all of its differences gloriously bared.

Your value is so much more than relative.
Be in the marketplace — be in the market — for yourself.

P.S. The other side of this coin is that your clients are going to be who they are. The wise will adjust their expectations accordingly.