Genius Feels Good


I just left a creative meeting for a scenic design I've been working on. There was a participant to this meeting that I had never worked alongside in this capacity before, and with whom I was tremendously impressed...

His outpouring of ideas and solutions, along with a very thorough consideration of possible needs was far beyond what I had expected.
It was such a splendid showing that it sparked a joy in me during what would have otherwise been a fairly mundane, middle-of-the-process meeting.

The whole experience got me to thinking about what it means to be a master of something — to appear to others as a genius.

genius — exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

All the circumstances and timing aside, being (or at least outwardly appearing to be) a genius is really is no more than a matter of sincere, tenacious attention to something specific.

Any person who devotes this kind of attention to a particular subject develops that kind of evolutionary understanding about it.

Not only that, but it feels good, too.
Right, Pete?
It's pure genius.