Cracking the Geode


Geodes are fun! They are generally (though not always) spherical rocks that can be obtained and smashed open to reveal gems that have formed inside. It’s a delightful way to spend a couple of hours. Some even turn out to be decor-worthy.

The thing about a geode, though, is that it can only be smashed open once.

On a recent trip to Washington D.C., I took the chance to check out the Museum of Natural History. There, they have many various types of geodes opened and on display.

I can’t recount the specifics of how geodes are formed, except to say that it takes many, many years… centuries.

And with a single crack, their formation comes to an abrupt halt.

The more I marveled at this, the more I began to realize a parallel between the geodes and human relationships — business or personal.

You can cultivate and grow a relationship for years, strengthening it and knowing that the inner-workings of that relationship are growing ever-more beautiful with each interaction.

Until the day you break it.

Then, you’ll only be left wondering if the gems you’ve found in exchange are worth the relationship you’ve lost.